The dreams that have faded
Never forget them
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1)I do ask that you comment every now and then.

2)Sometimes I take some random breaks from LJ where I won't be able to comment for awhile.

3)Don't ask to add me just to delete me later.
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Oh Hey LJ..this is kinda awkward since I left you for FB, but I had a dream about you so I thought I would post. I hope we can still be friends <3

Add me on FB if you haven't already

Casey Parker
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Feeling quite a bit better today. It's mainly at night and in the morning that I'm sad. To take up my time I'm going to get back into WoW, I think. I'll start a new character though since I don't have a group and it's what drives me to play (leveling)

Vince won't be playing with me so I think I'ma go back to being a hordie. Ya I know blasphemy that I go both ways lol.

Also gonna start going back to the gym monday (hopefully) man once you get out of the schedule it's just painful to go back. Don't wanna gain all the weight back though...hope I don't

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Mood : nostalgic nostalgic

Did a friends cut just for inactivity...and I'm thinking that FB is definitely the new LJ because I have about five friends here on LJ now (not much of an exaggeration)
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